crystallised philosophy

there was a strange odour
in the public restroom
that smelt vaguely
of either piss
or women's perfume

preconceived notions
stifle the span of experience
(it's like i can't see it,
it's like i'm going mad)

crystal tower:
sunlight beaming through,
sunlight beaming through

preconceived notions
alter the perception
of reality

where is the tower
of lucid dreams
and the bedroom
of sweet dreams?
where has your mind gone?
and when will you recover it?

crystallised philosophy
injected through the nose
and into the brain -
the machine
of magical perceptions

where's the piss
or perfume -
whatever it is?
where is it?

let's get the fuck out of here!

sunlight beaming through -
magical colours,
magical colours collide!

there are colours
that the human eye cannot see
and smells
that the nose cannot perceive of

an eternity is condensed
into one moment -
one solid, lucid, clear
moment in time

all is clear and inexpressible in that moment -
(infinite is that moment)

that moment is now,
that moment is infinite

endowed with the sight,
i took reality in my hands
and bent it into a new shape

reformed reality:
i am the reformer of reality

the power is in the mind -
all perceptions, all experiences,
all possible realities, all existence

through the mind
we will give birth
to new ideas, concepts
that will save the world

conquer the mind,
gain control of your emotions
and you can control anything
(all perceptions live in the mind,
thrive on the mind, and
rely on the mind)

reality is infinite,
perception is limited
and words paint mere perceptions


Poetry by Thomas Perdue The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 534 times
Written on 2012-12-19 at 21:15

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