I had written it on my nineteenth birthday.

At The Nineteen

It is nineteen since I took my first breath of life.
A glance to the gone days
Rises off the heart the memories.
Like the smoke from the fire.

I could feel the difference
That the innocent child has gone far away.
He used to be angry with his mother, father...
I cannot understand why?

He understood relations to be God gifted
as it would never break.
But I know the relations as a thread
as could break easily.

Standing on his feet,
He tried to glimpse at the outside world.
Though now I can see it through out clearly
But the beauty is lost somewhere.

I had seen a dream in those eyes-
the dream of a beautiful world.
The dream seems to be lost along with him
leaving me behind alone in this world.

Poetry by Shamshad Alam
Read 616 times
Written on 2013-04-20 at 15:46

Tags Nineteen 

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The loss of innocence, the loss of dreams... This is such a difficult time in life that you've captured really well with your words.

StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
Ah, coming of age and the loss of innocence. This is a very nice statement of being older and wiser (and just think, what ten, twenty or thirty years will have you thinking of that time when you were 19).