We are born,
Of unrealized an innate potential.
A deeply embedded energy
That lies dormant
Untested, lurking within a space
Constructed in conceivable purpose
Though inherent, it has no obligation to act.
No intrinsic value owed to the existence of man
Instead it settles just at the edge of light
Close enough to the soul,
To be pulled to the brink
And burst forth.
Formed entirely of thought
Potential has no meret alone
No worth, it remains unseen until reborn.
Corrupted only by ignorance
Until lessened in absence.
We are not the sum of our intentions
Rather the accumulation of responses
To circumstances bestowed upon us.
These situations breed motivation
Either to gravely retreat into ourselves
Dividing, Surrendering our worth
Or to emerge
A flawless, untarnish blend
Of vitality and determination
To thrive
To exist with significance
As was meant in our creation.
To with the life of us
Evade the temptations of settling.

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 639 times
Written on 2013-09-05 at 23:15

Tags Life  Inspire  Exist 

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You are developing a style which has depth.

I like it.