Dear Mother

I'll put my brave face on now
The one you've sewn into my skin
And my eyes will kiss the sun

I will learn to release this distain
For the bodies that betray us
I'll seek refuge in the beads clamped in my fist

But I can't tell you how close I came
To losing my forgiveness
For these tests of strength

Because courage is just fear
With a good disguise
And hiding is my down fall

You've always seen right through me
But I've never let you in
And apologies can't cure that

I can only bite my lip
Drawing the blood
And confess my sins

I've never been close to God
Never found a reason
Until today

Because I'd give my life
To restart your broken heart
And hold your soul to your body

If I haven't told you, you're the biggest part of me
The boldest piece of me
And everything I am

So I pray
Can I keep you?
If I wash my own soul clean

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 796 times
Written on 2014-03-15 at 03:34

Tags Mom  Life  Death 

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