Start of a Crush

She never liked using facebook or she never had the time to use it. Even though she was a beauty queen of only 19; doing home chores and her school work took most of the hours from her life. She wasn't like many normal girls. If you would have met her you would feel that she was a really immature one but everyone knew that they could count on her in tricky times of life.

Still no one ever knew what was inside her and that was her magic she never showed her real feelings. Inside she was solid and vigorous but outside she was thoughtful and modest. She tried never to hurt anyone but still the world crushed her inside. Sometimes I think that is what made her strong. All the hate and discouragement made her realize that this world and its people are never ever to be trusted. All that but the heart of a girl is a soft cushion and sometimes it falls in the wrong means
At some part of our lives we have crushes on people who won't even know of our existence. In most case the crushes are movie stars, sports celebs and many others with fame. But as I told you she wasn't as same as typical girls we usually feel around us. She had a charm that divided her from rest of the world.

It was almost mid night when she took the courage to walk to the study room. Very slowly and quietly she opened the door to the room and switched on the computer. She was restless inside after hearing so many qualities from her mother yesterday she finally decided to Google this prince as I would say him because his father dominated their neighborhood in a concealed manner. Googling him was the only way she could see him again and know about his whereabouts. She cursed herself every bit for not going to that wedding that her father and mother had attended yesterday and met this very person she was rummage around.

Her fingers hit search and the page displayed his name and facebook account. Hastily she clicked the link as if somebody would catch her red handed; interrogate her on stalking a stranger's profile. It looked like an hour when the Internet was uploading his profile and suddenly his picture was there with his beautiful and rare name. Her eyes were glued on the screen; the boy had grown up into a handsome young man. It's not like that he was not beautiful when he was young but she had never had butterflies in her stomach by looking at a man who was in his 24th year of life.

Her thoughts wandered in the past when she first saw him when she was in 4th grade. She was playing on the streets with her friends when he came and started playing with them but that was for only a day. The second time he came to her home to take tuitions from the same teacher she had. And for the last time at his sister's wedding.

But she never took him to her heart; not until yesterday the same boy to be precise the same young man had turned into something more than ordinary to her. She gazed at his profile picture for a long time with unwavering attention. I don't know if it was a slight crush or love at first sight but I just knew that a girl with strong old believes about relationships was of the trail.

The young man belonged to a really high-class family and they had recently shifted to upper east high, even though they both lived in the same street for quite a long time he never knew of her being. He studied in the best schools of the city and had graduated last year, now was working for a famous architect firm.
She went to bed that day with blood running furiously through her body and the next day she woke up with a heavy head. She lay on the bed for sometime tried to clear her head from the non-scene she did yesterday, stalking a stranger was against her rules. She had turned against her own policy. Ashamed and distress she stood up and the day stared. All through the day she thought about him and on the other side she tried to stop those thoughts from disturbing the peace of her mind.

She used to travel in public transport while he had his very own car. He went to the famous art gallery inaugurations whereas she stayed home watching a movie with family. He had the best cellular phone of the era and she still was collecting money to buy her a lab coat. They both were born in the same neighborhood and had the same first-class up brining but the only difference was of the status, his father was a business tycoon and her dad was an ordinary workman with a fine wage. That was the difference between him and her; they were like earth and sky, fire and water.

But as she started to search his profile in and out she saw that he had a kind heart, they both loved the same chocolate cake and the both liked looking at the ruined and deserted heritage and architecture. He was great at photography and well she didn't have a camera but she had the qualities of clicking lovely sceneries. And best of all both of them supported the same political party and both were great patriots. What a co-incidence! Was it or was it her thinking?

Head phones busted so load that you could hear the music from a distance. Loud hard core metal music made her mind numb, it made her to stop thinking anything. Her friends around her had crossed the red line that she was scared to go across. She had a mixed up thoughts for a young man, her mind had stopped her from searching his profile but the heart made her perplexed. At last her heart won the battle and she saved her work and clicked the internet explorer icon on the desktop. Google home page opened up, she typed his name and up came the link she had opened yesterday. The new information said that he was still single, seeing that made her heart overflowed with joy. Why? Was she out of her mind? What about her rules? That wasn't a question right now because like every other girl she now obsessed with what she had. She too had started making a bridge of long and endless dreams that could never come true.

Prolonged prayers and boundless wishes were made by her every single time of the day. She meditated and begged in front of a GOD, hoping that one day all her faith in AL-MIGHTY won't fall short. If you knew what she asked, you would have laughed and thought that she had gone nuts but her strong devotion made her plead for mysterious things.

Another hectic week passed, but her excitement never faded away, she was in a state of spellbound by this boy. Was it just a crush or a start of a one sided love we never would know

But the only thing we could do is to pray for her and implore to GOD to help her find her love.

Short story by Farah Khalid
Read 681 times
Written on 2014-04-17 at 17:30

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Saniya Fayaz
I started and couldn't stop. Very well written.

Nabeela Altaf
I was mesmerized by some of the passages in between this excerpt. Great flow of words.