Last night's party

It was boring. I had the beginning of a migraine and a touch of agoraphobia. I would have rather stayed all alone in my room instead of seeing all those people. It turned out to be a bigger party than I was expecting. All the usual suspects plus a bunch of surfers who were staying at the lodge. It was at Lilliana's new Hostel, a celebration of her birthday. The Italians were pissed off after losing a soccer game to for the World Cup in Brazil to Costa Rica; the Swiss were in disbelief that they could have lost to some lowly S. American country. The French are always unpleasant. Bob sang his entire repertoire of songs from the 60's-70's era. He sings ok, but I would have preferred more silence; Mike sang beautifully the only two songs he can sing all the way through ... a little respite, I think. Otherwise he sat in a corner pouting as usual and no one was willing to rescue him, including me, who would have just as well sat in a corner as well. Ivan's music would have blown everyone away, but he would have had to be there. I was happy to get home and hide under my bed covers.

Tonight there will be a dinner at Lindy's. Not looking forward to it, but must go. Will say how it went tomorrow.

Diary by Ashe
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Written on 2014-06-21 at 17:54

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