Just something that came to me...

Eternal Flame

Today I saw your shadow disappear
To where, I don't know..
I lit a candle in your name
The applause at the end of a show

An eternal, burning flame
Shining bright
To find your way home

A cold tide has swept over my life
No more warm skies on my face

I knew this day would come..
But I feared it anyway

The castle of my heart
Is now cold and dark
What once was a dream..
It now our reality

No country can divide..
No ocean can separate

Love was not our destiny
I shall love thee evermore..

Poetry by Teala
Read 1162 times
Written on 2006-04-21 at 21:39

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Beautiful... I stay with it for a while...

"An eternal, burning flame
Shining bright
To find your way home"...

Jon Hanover
Very powerful in it's emotions. Great write.

Karl S
Beautiful text!! This is my first read on poetbay..Too bad you are married, you are a cute woman, I love brunnettes!