Get a life. (The second fiddle?)

Ruffled up frustration and a sigh truthfully adding malignant condemnation
to the phlegmatic response: Get a life!

Bowdlerize this version of yourself you mean? Do not be life keep
becoming becoming to someone else while struggling to keep being yourself
the one that is always being redefined? Is balance always perfect peace or
better expressed stagnation without transgressions? Get a life! Jump in the box
we “all” think we should and ought to exist in? That is how I can identify myself
in you when we interact?

Like a tree I will always stand on the same spot but my leaves will eventually
fly with the wind Heralding a new season to the observers A season of preparation My boughs will always touch the sky Speak to it and the sky will reflect itself to the sea repeat my attempts to start a conversation but with no response My transformative monologues will only be heard by the moon while the midnight sky whispers to it keeps it company while avoiding the black sea. 

“Music in the soul can be heard from the universe” Lao Tzu Oh how I wish
this letter could rhyme…

Dead stars keep shining without a reason
but do serve as a reminder to the rest of us
Be life it’s enough we will find a way to co-exist



Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2014-09-30 at 11:41

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Rob Graber
We better find a way to co-exist--with one another and with the planet!! At first you fooled me with "Dead stars keep shining," but then I remembered: they do indeed! But there IS a reason for this: light takes time to travel through space. Therefore a dead star's light will still be reaching us for as many years after its death as it is light-years distant from us. In any case, it's a fine image to end this text!

These are very strong words:
Dead stars keep shining without a reason
but do serve as a reminder to the rest of us
Be life it's enough we will find a way to co-exist"

They express a feeling I know all too well.

I would like to come back to read this one again and comment more on it, as there is much much more here. :-)