I wish I had time
for subtle poetry
but my life is not subtle.

It comes to me like a big lump of lard.

It comes to me
like falling chunks of masonry,
tubs of flesh mixed with blocks of stone,
blood mixed with sperm;

no subtlety
at all.

It might have been going to be subtle,
but then it got bought out by lego
and all the pieces were standardised
so that they fit together
in the hands of a child.

This is why I need poems
where you don't need a poem workshop
before you can understand them.

Poetry by Andrew Bindon
Read 855 times
Written on 2014-10-01 at 18:11

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Andrew Bindon
Thanks Ashe. :-)

Your poem made me smile because the feelings that overwhelm us are never really subtle but often come to us like a slap across the jaw, which is a phrase I have used when something so strong comes across just as you have expressed here

I love your description: "It comes to me like a big lump of lard."