My Grandmother

Like everyone in this world,
I once had a grandmother
But now far-far away
She may be one of the shining stars
She was brave and beautiful
She loved us so much
We would fight among us
Just to know whom she love the most
When I was a child
I fought my father to take me to her
And when I came to her
She would bring a lot of things
That she had saved for me
And placed it over my hands.
And when it was the time to leave
I could never face her eyes
Filled with tears of sadness
She would say “Come back soon”
And today here I’m again
Where once I had left her  
Waiting for her to come to me
But the things are different now
The courtyard seems to lonely
I wonder she must be somewhere around
Yet she never returns to her home
Life doesn’t make sense anymore
The people who loved me
Are leaving me alone
With the blurred memories of the past
And that is what makes me sad and cry.

Poetry by Shamshad Alam
Read 942 times
Written on 2014-10-23 at 11:58

Tags Death  Sadness 

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Ivan R
This is beauty at its best*

What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother! You have such a good heart. The cycle of life goes on, some die and new ones are born. We learn to love all over again and someday you will be someone's beloved grandfather! :-)