She , finally , decided to tell him
Made him a special dinner , stake
With all the trimmings
His favorite pudding
Bottle of red , then decided , white
Be best , well , reds a rite booger to get out!
How'd take her news , her concern

He sat down , wondering what he'd forget - again
Not their anniversary , he'd forgot - that last week
Not her birthday, forgot , that two weeks ago
Or was it a moth ago
What ever it was SOMERT , BIG , important
He sat there worrying , wondering thinking
Going through a list in his head
Cant be the car , he had to admit , she was a better diver
Than he ever would be , could ever be
Right , what she after , new telly? Na , one they had almost new
Not had more than seven years , years in it yet!
New cooker? , na, had it , what, since they got hitched

Any way he sat , thing to work it out ,why the dinner , not even Christmas!
She fill his glass full of wine
''What aint 'aveing a glass, sweetheart? '' , he decided , to sound loving
He felt he was sat on a mine , merest , slightest , wrong word
He'd , be wearing his dinner , rather than eating it!

'' Well , love '' , '' I ,we, need to talk to you about that ''
Now her timing , was rather off at the wrong time
He'd just put a forkful in to his mouth , taken a drink of wine
And as she feared the wine ended up been socked up by the tablecloth!

''I'm late'' , '' I'm pregnant '' , the words were out at last , finally!
The folk , drooped , meet , gravy and veg , slip to the tablecloth
The wine , shot out of his mouth , she took avoiding action , she duct , swerved
So evading the worse , that tablecloth , earning it's keep

All went quiet , she sat , awaiting , his response , wishing she could have a glass
Of wine!
He responded, he did with: with a smile , ear to ear

'' see what your after now '' ,'' a new , lager washing machine ''
'' A new pushchair , a cot and whatnot ''
'' Well '' , '' I'll see about doing more overtime , then sweetheart '' , smiling
Some how relieved , he'd not forgotten out - this time round!

Eight , months later , It had taken her a moth to find the right time
He suffered her given birth , twelfth hours it took her!
And you should of heard just what she called him!
Never know she know such words!

She'd been a month gone when she told him

He gave her is hand to hold - big mistake and that's no error in saying
You see , she hat , long , long nails you know , well now you do!
She dug ''em deep in to his fleshy parts , drew blood , to this day the scars plain to See!

Then the baby was out , he'd fainted clean away , laid out on the delivery Floor!

He woke up , helped up to his wobbling rubier legs

'' Congratulations '' , '' your a dad of bouncing baby daughter! ''
He burst in to tears! First time he'd cried , since United won the European Cup!

'' God , Jane look what we did! ''
He had a way with words!
'' Nowt to do with any god , Lenny '' ,'' between us we crated a life! ''
He way with words , rather better!

'' Bet you forget her birthday! ''
He weren't listening , he were preoccupied , getting to know his daughter
And he never ever forgot her birthday!

Ken D Williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith Ov Thanet

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 704 times
Written on 2015-01-27 at 19:12

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dott Print text Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
Loved the way you told the story :) I was gripped by the moment described from line to line, all the way to the end. Wonderful.

Soup in the Sand
Reading this wonderful, smiling write was pure enjoyment. Superb!! Loved it thoroughly, too many chortles and grins to count, dear friend!

Lovely read Ken, I was in there right until the end.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Sheer pleasure reading this! I'll be smiling for the rest of the evening about it.

Thanks for everything Ken:)
You will keep writing and you have a home here.
I am pleased for you but I have to protect myself and my feelings.
Goodbye and good luck:)

Thank you so much also for all the applauds.
You're the only one who bothered so it means a lot:)

Ken this is wonderful.
I wasnt going to publish again for a while but had to to comment:)