I use all the tail rhymes in the list but I added more lines and voilá! My rhyme scheme? :)

Real time (challenge)

I could remain a ghost, as soon
As I saw the lovers cross paths
I’d force them to listen to my ghostly tune
Keep them forever apart!

Every full moon
I ‘d dance the dance of forevermore
Every high noon
I’d bend over to pick mushrooms
Half a loaf is better than none
Muttered a passerby that day
Lookie no touchie don’t be a bore
I know that's what all of them say
He exclaimed while smiling and

He smiled 
a crooked smile 

I am not a baboon!
But  for you I can dance like one!

To be continued?

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2015-03-06 at 14:58

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Not only adheres to the rules of the challenge, but is damn interesting too--and funny.

Here's the rhyme scheme I see. I didn't count partial rhymes like noon/mushroom. Only absolute rhymes. I did, though count rhymes that were very close like noon/none. Some of it has to do with the regional accents. I'm American, so I would pronounce some of these words slightly differently than, say, someone from Dublin. So someone else might scan this poem differently than I do :)


Very complex and interesting rhymes. Enjoyed.