I remember the summer Suzanne stayed with us,
I was in awe of her, with her red gold hair,
she took a little girl under her wings
perhaps because she only had brothers.
We would walk to the end of the world
where she pointed out other islands,
the way the swell drew the mackeral
how you could follow the dolphins,
watch them play, leaping in and out of the waves.

That was the summer two young people
took a corner too fast and swan dived their car
on to the rocks below, unconscious, the tide swelled
and they drowned, Suzanne was sad, I was sad too
although I didn't know them.
Sometimes I would look at the flat rock
where a car had landed, before the tide swelled.

Suzanne only liked syrup on her bread in the morning,
the sticky sweetness made me feel sick,
she introduced me to nescafé condensed milk,
we gave her cherries, the ones the birds didn't steal,
we taught her how to pick the juiciest framboise,
how I would pop them onto each finger,
that was before things like hula hoop crisps,
when we had separate salt in bags and summer
was walking to the end of the world
and watching dolphins play, somersaults in the air.

Poetry by Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 458 times
Written on 2015-03-08 at 20:10

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Oh those were the days, ooo I could just eat a fresh mackerel. I remember a notorious bend in Guernsey which took a few lives, so sad.Thanks for the memories, the good ones that is, salt in blue bags.

Such lovely memories, you made me all dreamy with this even with the tragedy.
You made me look back to such moments and have inspired me.
I have always loved your writing it is balcony with time ... Love it :)