Written after seeing how the people living with HIV/AIDS were being ill-treated



In the night, the heaven's lamp shows
The one in skeletal body
Upon the rock filled with sympathy.
Deep within her voice seen is agony.
Her hand reached out to well wishers.
She incessantly sniffs, a brotherly love to taste.
Her eyes searching for a possible care
Her bony body to restore.
She eagerly waits for a pathetic call
In your homes to keep and her soul to revive.
Your love as before, she still welcomes but with a great pleasure.

Phew, she sighs, on the hammock her body laid
Filled with great honour and happiness
Warming in the sun of love and care.
From her mouth come words of courage.
The people she stood for, to celebrate
To turn their cries into actions and voices for a positive living.
The disease doesn't discriminate, why should we?

Poetry by Richard Chongo
Read 583 times
Written on 2006-04-27 at 18:28

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Zoya Zaidi
There is a heart here-
a compassionate heart.
I can see that heart is yours,
To feel for those on the edge,
Is a gift of God, which you have
My dear friend, Richard Chongo,
May God Bless you dear one!
You have a heart of Gold!

Welcome to the Bay!