A Kind of Cracking

(for Anjan Sarkar Jimy)

Yes, everywhere I found it's the employers
who did well speak to their hearts' content,
simply cracking the hardest of mysterious nuts:
Don't you know that you should have been
long since out from fools' heaven to reality?
No, this is no pretty good time for dreaming,
rather the quickest for all of you fools screaming.
A world that I had built broke into pieces.
Now I confess I feel it's really all that good
to be kicked out from there forever. Friends,
unburden the guilt of that dreaming off me,
for I still kind of wonder how I can hide
the huge embarrassment of all my dreams
coming like pop-up adds on the Internet.

Note: "pop-up adds" are the ones that always disturb an Internet user.

Poetry by Sofiul Azam
Read 927 times
Written on 2006-05-01 at 11:18

Tags Anxiety 

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