Plotting the mathematical function of x-girlfriends [Gf(x)]

Girlfriend x plus one [Gf(x+1)]
tends to get subjected
to the ornamental and furniture tastes
of girlfriend x [OfGf(x+1)=Gf(x)]
and the fashion choices
of girlfriend x minus one [FaGf(x+1)=Gf(x-1)].

Girlfriend x had a smaller circumference [CGf(x) < CGf(x+1)],
possibly owing to the fact that she had a lower value for pie.

However girlfriend x plus one
has a much higher x-rating.

Perhaps we are three terms of an infinite yet bounded series:
an arithmetic progression
with an ever-smaller determinant.

We tend towards a place marked on our x-axes,
but our infinitesimals never quite add up
to the perfect integral of our thighs.

Although there is a limit
to the curve of their breasts,
we will only arrive there
when "why?" tends to infinity.

The limit exists as an imaginary number:
the un-square root of minus one;
sometimes it is written as "i";
a point in Euclidean space
where love initially seems
to not be equal to anything,
but later
it turns out

that it is
equal to something
after all.

Poetry by Andrew Bindon
Read 839 times
Written on 2015-09-23 at 09:40

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Well, I laughed, though I fear I should not. Shall I compare thee to a late summer equation? Not sure I feel romance here, but yet, I laughed! Liking the originality. I'll be chortling at the pie (pi) pun for days!