untitled for a reason

It is

the things that makes you want to
weep for no reason,
in tune to a tone
you have never heard

words springs from it
like showers of dew in grass
and you feel

like I feel, right now


when nobody loves you, sees you
can feel your touch upon star struck
mountains of unexplained hope

where you shout without guaranties
to be heard

it is

the feeling of sorrow and compassion
that kicks from within your womb
with the feet of your unborn,
unconcieved children

pain and tiredness wearing your skin
like its own skin wears on you, stretching

songs and poetry of what can only be
the greatest mystery to come, into eternity
and now you know

what I know

flowers blooming in winter frost
empty vessels, like thoughts without reason
filling with a universal soul

powerless and powerful

it is everything as subtle as unfolded wings
but that can carry you away to me.

Poetry by muddy waters
Read 396 times
Written on 2006-05-03 at 15:46

Tags Untitled 

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