is controlled by a
primitive medieval
violent religious ideology

Poetry by Karl Johan Lindrup Olesen
Read 1126 times
Written on 2015-11-16 at 18:03

Tags Fear  Hate  Violence 

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
I hope not all of them. Perhaps there are enough people in power of influence to reject violence. Especially considering that it is stated in Quran that God has made all life sacred.

One could use these same words about Christianity. The bible can be interpreted in many ways and there are some who choose to interpret it in a violent way, just as some Islamist have chose to do. If we continue to allow governments to be ruled by religion, we would all go back to those cruel medieval days

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
I forgot to say , Mohamed - had a favored wife. She was older than he , not the norm back then , frowonde upon back in his day. She WAS an independent woman , a businesses woman. Mohamed could not read or write - so proberly dyslexic - a bit like me! So was dependent on his wife to scribe his thoughts. Oh I am NOT A MUSLIM! I am a humanist by conviction. Live and let live!
Ken (D Williams)

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
The irony is - Islam was progressive during the middle ages. Held to its philosophy by Saladin. Even after he died his will prvaild. And strange as it reads , he has two tombs , feet apart. In Istanbal. The Kiser of Germany , out of respect had for the man a send tomb built. We read books , Roman and anshat Greek writings. A kalefffe paid in gold and silver , to any trvoler bring him books. While he was doing this , Christans , clergey and kings in Spain a queen. STOPDE pepole lerning to read to read. Henry the 8th , had a father and son brunt at the stake. The fathers crime , paying for his son to read him the bible - the father was blind. The sons crime - being able to read! Monks from England and parts of Erup - essperly France and Germat staites. Would at great risk tavel to Islamk countrys to studfyt , lern. The risk was not frm Mosslims -[ not has safe ha could be. NO , it was being found out by the Chrstan kings back home. And I am typing on a computer , bult due to algerbror , a maths solution , discouverde by Islam scolers. Saladin , made sure , BAD BAD MEN -did not take over Islam , and they did not for 300 years or so after he died. Sadly BAD BAD EVIL MEN , evchaly hijack it! NOW WE all ar paying - including Aribs and others whos faith is Islam. I could go on and on! Queen Isabela what an evil woman and he husband King Aifonso. Well , I sugest THEM two should be look up on The Net!
Ken (D Williams)