I am very into the paranormal and all things psychic..I have worked on and off at perhaps developing these skills..one day, maybe..we shall see.

Psychic Abilities

Seeing the future,

Prying open my third eye,


Haiku by Teala
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Written on 2006-05-04 at 16:40

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Kathy Lockhart
"Prying open my third eye,"
powerful line! Climb that mountain you want to conquer and enjoy the view! :) kathy

telekinesis is a curse in this life. It has caused me trouble. No place for us yet, still, it is natural magnetism only.The text hit me in the face. And it is good when a text does that, but believe me please, being born astranged,seeing the future has its drawbacks..

Christian Ward
Love the image you've created here