aqua particles

conscious sleep - controlled breath,
in the day world
and being consumed
by a dream state
(don't worry, you're not dying)

i see all my thoughts
appear as images before my eyes
as the unconscious mind
spills over into my waking hours

time becomes little more than allusion
(i know it's real
but time is subjective)

memory is fragmented
and space becomes an idea
that holds no meaning to me

at the completion of the journey through my mind,
i am faced with an image
(a final image of my true self)
i am an aqua particle,
as my view zooms out
i see numerous particles surrounding me
all in infinite variety
bleeding out from me -
the ones nearest me are most similar to me,
going further out, they are more different

i am one in an infinity of particles
cascading as a waterfall
ready to meet the end
and merge with the river

portions of my self
are mirrored in nearby particles,
there is no unique me
and yet these are mere ideas
cascading from my mind
as electrical impulses

have you ever really experienced your thoughts?
"thought" is a sacred entity,
it is the undying self,
it does not belong to me
(it belongs to the undying,
to the waterfall and to the river
and not to individual water particles)


Poetry by Thomas Perdue The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 535 times
Written on 2016-01-27 at 21:44

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