What if everything that we take for granted were switched around?

What if...

I went to the county fair once, and there was on display a huge milling saw, for cutting planks and other stuff from raw trees. The people who were marketing it were having a contest between competitors to see who could mill more wood in a set amount of time. That got me thinking, what if everything that we take for granted, such as wood, was suddenly switched around.

What if trees walked around and talked to each other, and they grew humans in huge groves and forests, and every so often, they would cut us down at the ankles and put us on a huge truck. Then they would take us to a human mill and lay us up on a table, cut off our skin, and make long strips out of us. Sounds pretty disturbing, no?

What if we were huge and walked around slowly on a huge grassy plain, and once in a while, a truckload of elephants would drive up and pull out a gun and shoot one or two of us dead. Then they would take something valuable off of us and sell it on the elephant black market. That would suck.

What if all the animals in the world gathered a cool specimen of every type of human on earth. Fat, skinny, black, white, asian, hispanic, ugly, beautiful, fast, slow, tall, short, etc., and put us in individual cages, and feed us sub-standard food three times a day, just so they could look at us and buy little human-shaped souviners. I would get pretty tired of it.

Words by Russell
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Written on 2006-05-06 at 18:56

Tags Humans  Animals  Environment 

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