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33 years old from USA

The latest comments that kitty has written.

There is a Knock

baby i love you so much! i miss you my angel!

30 Days to Love

kittie i love you so much! i really do! you mean the world to me baby!

to my brother in law this is written with so much love from me!

thats pretty good! sad though. my fioncee is leaveing for bootcamp in a week. hes going into the air force.

The New Born

pretty good poem, and i wish you good times with your nephew, congrats!

To You, My Muse.

pretty good! i like it! i hope to be reading more soon!

When the dove fly

cool! nice write! good luck on others!


i really like that! its really short but it says so much!

At Times That I Cannot Write

i agree when you said its not enough! beautiful poetry!

agust 13, 2006 2:45 am

Mi Corazon,
i love you more than life itself! my love, you are my world! i could not live without you! i made the mistake of letting you go once! i will NEVER do that again! like i said in many of my poems... you saved my life! just by loveing me you showed me that i really can love! you showed me the world! i love you baby, more than the air i breathe!

Wondering about you.

baby i love you so much! i really like this one! but kittie i want you to know that you are my life! it does not matter if i would have been with robbie, baby when i met you my heart skipped a beat and fell straight to my feet! i knew then that we were ment to be together! and i know in my heart that we will be, forever and tomorrow baby! i swear! te amo, mi corazon!

Infectious Confusion

wow! i really like this one! why do you only have 1 poem posted? i would like to read more of you work when you put more on! thank you for shareing you wonderful work with us!