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Chris "Blak Magik" Swepson

31 years old from USA

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In my opinion no one can be right about this because its an opinion question. So my opinion is the porn has a deeper meaning, like I portray myself in the way I rap, the way I write, the way I talk (this isnt the way I talk I know someone who knows the poems creator and this person told me that he doesnt like the way I talk), but this is all how I portray myself. You may think that people degrade themselves by doing something like that but that is no different from playing in a regular action for instance. For me to play (in a movie) and play someone who is really loud and obnoxious goes against my character because I am a naturally quiet person and I think very lowly of myself, but if someone came to me and told me I could do that then I would go for it. For instance when I rap I have to speak alot louder then what I do, which is against my character, when I battle I have to "diss" people where as I am a person that gives many compliments. I rap because I am good at it and I like to do it. I have seen some of those porno's and most of those people can't act their way out of a paper bag, but they have a nice body (the chicks do... I have no idea what da guys look like cause yea I tried to avert my eye sight from him as best I could), when you get paid what they do, most things wont be degrading. What do they have to be degraded by, most of them have bangin bodies and they are gettin paid for it, but in my opinion they are doing what they are best at in terms of acting... Porn isnt wrong in my opinion porn just portrays our deepest darkest fantasies, how we would like to look one day, the kind of girl we would like to have one day etc. The same goes for every thing else you may not see it tho. I will be sitting there (I am a fat kid by da way... kinda sorta a lil) and I will jus say I would love to look like 50 or Lloyd or someone and you see that he (they) have all the girls all over them. So all in all I beleive porn is fine basically is all I am saying.


He makes me so happy

das beautiful... who iz it about if i May ask?


Here's some of what you mean to me

itz very very beautiful babe gurl, you mean da same to me I hope you know... I love you

Dark Fate

Wedding day

Dis iz a great poem babe, no worries it will happen exactly da way you want, I hope you are happy when you think of it. I love you babe tawk to you soon.

Blak Magik

Will you marry me?

I agree with the guy above me, I love you babe. Itz a great poem babe.

Blak Magik

Will you remember?

dis iz a great poem babe I loved it

When I'm with you

This is a perfect poem babe I love it so much... I love you so much.

Blak Magik