This is an issue that I need to tell you ritght now that I feel very strongly about. Its sad to see that kids pick up this very sleazy viewpoint at such an young age. I was no different. I too got hooked on this "craze" and had been struggling with it for 6 years. As a guy is seemed natural for such a "turn on" but I knew that in the back of my mind something was wrong

Listen, this profession is a mind rotting one and does nothing but promote the belittling and the lowering of your self esteem. On the one hand the people doing pornography agree to it and they get what they deserve but on the other hand I cant be sympathize with the fact that no one should be treated that way. Paid or otherwise. SO I come before you today to ask you the question. How do you feel about pornography. For or against the morales that it trying to expel?

Let your mind flow onto the page. Release all your thoughts. 

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 713 times
Written on 2007-01-05 at 02:09

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chris helus
yes i do agree with you it is a habbit that is hard to shake
Like a boat with water rushing in, it will take you to the bottom,
as a christian teen many things are tempting but must be ignored.

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
It's simply bad taste - unless you do it with style and, like the French do, make an art of it.

Chris "Blak Magik" Swepson
In my opinion no one can be right about this because its an opinion question. So my opinion is the porn has a deeper meaning, like I portray myself in the way I rap, the way I write, the way I talk (this isnt the way I talk I know someone who knows the poems creator and this person told me that he doesnt like the way I talk), but this is all how I portray myself. You may think that people degrade themselves by doing something like that but that is no different from playing in a regular action for instance. For me to play (in a movie) and play someone who is really loud and obnoxious goes against my character because I am a naturally quiet person and I think very lowly of myself, but if someone came to me and told me I could do that then I would go for it. For instance when I rap I have to speak alot louder then what I do, which is against my character, when I battle I have to "diss" people where as I am a person that gives many compliments. I rap because I am good at it and I like to do it. I have seen some of those porno's and most of those people can't act their way out of a paper bag, but they have a nice body (the chicks do... I have no idea what da guys look like cause yea I tried to avert my eye sight from him as best I could), when you get paid what they do, most things wont be degrading. What do they have to be degraded by, most of them have bangin bodies and they are gettin paid for it, but in my opinion they are doing what they are best at in terms of acting... Porn isnt wrong in my opinion porn just portrays our deepest darkest fantasies, how we would like to look one day, the kind of girl we would like to have one day etc. The same goes for every thing else you may not see it tho. I will be sitting there (I am a fat kid by da way... kinda sorta a lil) and I will jus say I would love to look like 50 or Lloyd or someone and you see that he (they) have all the girls all over them. So all in all I beleive porn is fine basically is all I am saying.


sexual desire is a part of us all, and as thomas pointed out sexual undertones and nudity are in movies and just about everywhere we turn, making this a difficult question to answer... how much is too much? where should the line be drawn? art or pornograpy? pleasing or offensive? perhaps it's a personal decision that each has to make for themselves...

personally, i'm against porn especially when considering the degrading aspect of it, but as to sex and the human body, these things i find beautiful and believe that not all portrayals are necessarily 'porn'.

good topic. :))

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I don't watch it but know people who do
and i don't understand it myself.

I think if it was a private thing between two people
who were committed to each other and wanted to
add some spice it would be ok, for them i mean.

But just as a way to make money, it might not
be "wrong" but i wouldn't do.. just for the fact that
it would lower selfesteem and i think it would be
degrading to the person[s] involved.

But each situation is different some ppl
"star" in porn because they have no choice -
no money, illegals etc...

I don't agree with it.

Great debate, i'm pleased you posted this Aaron.