Part of a three part trilogy. Used the exact same title to convey different emotions. Enjoy!

Midnight Seaside (Crush)

I've noticed you
Like the reflection in the ocean
How the tides come in with vigor!
Such tumble and motion
Tonight is perfect for viewing
The moon shining bright
Wish I had your presence
On this warm November night
You feel like the evening wind
Swift and all around me
A sight to truly behold
Like the sparkling sea
My heart is setting sail
Out on the ocean blue
Sailing to see if that island far away
Isn't just my vision askew
I'll sail until this mission I'm on
Reveals its true design
Or sail until the prize I seek
Is finally found and mine

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1436 times
Written on 2014-01-27 at 04:04

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What an absolutely beautiful metaphor. So visual and very expressive. Love this!
(I can't wait to read the other two, but it might have to wait until tomorrow) :)