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30 years old from England

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THE BEGGER AND THE CONNOISSEUR (with thanks to Jamsbo Rockda)

There is a beautiful video of a social experiment that you must try to find. A man asks typical customers eating at a food court for a bit of their food, and they all refuse. He asks a homeless man with little to eat for a bite, and they share a meal. The same happens with the exchange of money. Those with plenty to spare refuse to share the wealth, while those with little offer to split their precious bills with a stranger.

The world is funny that way.

What Is It Called When T Persecutes U ?

Haha, clever!


Well, did you? :)

Completely Unexpected, You

I love finding pieces that show the importance of love and loved ones, without that cheesy undertone. My favorite line, "So then I find you here." Beautiful


the comforting feeling completely warmed me while reading this. very simple and beautiful =)


I love how simple the write is, until you get to the last bit 'every step becomes a mystery' and it how much it makes you think. Incredible imagery in the final sentence.

For the Love of Chocolate

Great piece! It was funny but it also had a message.
I personally hate valentine's day, but I love receiving chocolate!
YUM. - Kayte.

Just a scrap...

I love this write. =]
It has impeccable imagery but it's still somehow simple.

This could be one that gets stuck in my head.