Call me a cynic, but...

For the Love of Chocolate

Wouldn't life just be easier
For many in the crowd
If we just renamed the day
And kept the music loud

We'll call it "For the Love of Chocolate"
Seems a fitting title
No more Hallmark cards
To get us all in trouble

We wouldn't have to fidget
In the card store, as we browse
For that perfect Valentine
Without those sweet and sticky vows

We could buy each other chocolate
'Cuz we know it's what we need
At our age there are no other vices
That we really need to feed

Fellows would not be concerned
About whether all is gold that glitters
They would simply produce chocolate
And the spouse would be a twitters

No more romantic meals
In a fancy restaurant
Just good old beer n chocolate
That surely cannot daunt !

You say that I'm a cynic?
It's possible I suppose
But please, just pass the chocolates
And you can keep the rose !

Dee Daffodil (HW, 14 February, 2009)

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 800 times
Written on 2009-02-14 at 18:36

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ngaio Beck
Oh that devil chocolate! Tasty writing. (as always) Hugs!

yes, we need more chocolate! ;)

Katherinee x
Great piece! It was funny but it also had a message.
I personally hate valentine's day, but I love receiving chocolate!
YUM. - Kayte.

I have'nt got a sweet tooth myself but I can see the attraction of it and anything that smells that good can't be all bad, thoroughly enjoyed this through and through~Graham.