Haven't we all made a deal or two along life's path ?

The Devil Must Be Paid

I've been here far too long
My inconsequential song
Has reached it's end

The devil must be paid in full
For every ounce of pleasure
That I've sucked along life's path

The devil must be paid
I've made deals and I've bargained
On how much time I truly get...
To breathe it all in deeply
To drink the wine completely
To dance my song so sweetly
Through the verses of my rhyme

That I've sold my soul a time or two...
I can't deny it !
If it saved a life along the way
Perhaps it bought me time
But sooner...maybe later
There's that knock upon life's door...
The devil must be paid !

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 769 times
Written on 2009-11-25 at 19:02

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ngaio Beck
Wow a Dantesque bit of a warning. I loved it!

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Dee...the hell with the devil...let him wait

good poem

xxx Stan