It's not a lot of fun doing death notifications...

You're on Your Own Now Kiddo...

I read somewhere, years ago
That a child would be able to survive on their own,
Once they were eight years old

That tidbit always sort of stuck with me

But then the day came
When I had to tell that little eight year old
That the one link she had
In the whole wide world...
The one sane and caring person
In her tiny little life...
Had died.

She was immediately cautious
She knew the moment she saw a police officer
Coming to her door,
That something was NOT good

Very rarely do we have occasion
To tell people that they have just won the lottery!

So, when I told her and her mother (don't ask)
And her Grandma's friend
That Grandma had just died...
The tears came fast...and furious
And then the worry started
Where will I go?
Who will take care of me?
What will happen?
Is Grandma in heaven already?
Have they...already buried her ??

So many questions from such a tiny girl

And then...

She became stoic

She went quietly to her bedroom and closed the door
I waited outside, concerned,
But not wanting to invade her space

Emotions poured out of that tiny child
Like rain during a hurricane

It caught me off guard,
And I too allowed tears to build in my eyes
Then...just as quickly, the storm was over and she was out
I quickly wiped my eyes so that she would not see
How her overwhelming sadness had touched me
Got to stay strong for them...they tell us

This poor little girl who herself had medical issues...
And had almost died once
Had once again become strong.

I hugged her and tried to reassure her
That she had lots of people who loved her
And would take care of her...

But in the back of my mind...
I had doubts

If I could have found a way...
I would have scooped her up in my arms
And taken her to a safe, warm, happy place
Where I knew she would be cared for...

Sometimes...all we can hope.

Dee Daffodil (HW) 18 October, 2010

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 827 times
Written on 2010-10-18 at 20:38

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Kshiti Dubey
losing someone you love is a very hard thing to go through. this piece of writing touched me and i wish i could go and hug that little girl myself. :)

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!'ve written a very sad and emotional piece here.
It was written well, as you got a tear out of this reader

xxxx Stan