Delivering the news to a wife that her husband has died suddenly, is a heart wrenching duty...

I Will Sit With You...

I know that my words to you
Will have such an impact upon your soul
I know your heart will break
I know that nothing I can say
Will ever take
The pain away...
And yet...
I must

I know that you won't understand
If I tell you that my heart breaks for you
I know you're numb
You cannot think
The grief invades your very being

You will hate me for my words
For the message I give you
This I understand...
And yet...

I will sit with you...

And I will hold you tight
While you scream in pain
While you kick and hit and cry
And I will look you in the eye
To reach your soul
And tell you
That he won't be back
That he won't wake up
That he won't be home

I will sit with you...
And I will hold you tight
Until the tears subside
And yet I know
That they will come again tomorrow...
And the day after that, and so on and so forth

There is no easy way to tell you
There is no way to ease your grief
There is nothing I can say or do
That will make this sadness go away


I will sit with you...

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 874 times
Written on 2010-01-27 at 12:11

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ngaio Beck
sounds very supportive. Fellow officer?
Nicely written,and sincere, as ever.

Reality can be so very cruel. I often think, as I get older, that love is an extremely precarious investment albeit the only investment with an incalculable return.
Thank you Dee.

nice text