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Mirza Nazrana Bég

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Some Sunshine!

Beautifully written, simple and elegant. I liked the poem very much but the last stanza is my favorite. :)

Human rights violation in Kashmir

Karun thanks for sharing it. I'm a Kashmiri and ask me what is it like to live under the world's most brutal military occupation. Even words can't express how wretched our life is. 7 years old children are shot in head, 15 years old boys are beaten to death, 115 unarmed protesters shot dead, our sisters and mothers raped and molested...by assassins in uniform. Our souls have been bleeding for almost 63yrs now. We leave our homes without knowing whether we will return to our homes in the evening or not. At every corner we find a outsider army-man asking us to prove our identity in our own land. And it does not happen once or twice during the day, it is as frequent as inhaling or exhaling air.
"Man's injustice to man has made countless thousands to mourn"
All we want is freedom from the brutal occupation of our land and our right to self-determination.

A Sense of Simplicity

I must say you are a keen observer and a great poet, too. I liked the last line very much. Awesome poem!

Father's Day

A beautiful and an elegant poem, indeed.