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30 years old from New Zealand

The latest comments that Lucas has written.

The Midget Angel On The Battlefield of Doom

Well, I certainly took some form of enjoyment out of this...but honestly. Your name is quite misleading. Your comments...they are not so lovely at all. Perhaps before judging someone you should read their other works, and if they are still as illiterate as you make SUPERJEW66 (who happens to be a real-life friend of mine, and doesn't take this site as seriously as you), by all means, blast them. But in layman's terms: no one really cares what you have to say. Poetbay is for positive feedback. If you haven't got anything worthwhile to say, don't say anything at all.

The Greatest Song by the Greatest Guitarist in History

Yes. It's Malik. FO SHIZZY.


Wow man, deep as hell. Great job.

It wasn't the bullets it was the look in your eyes

Haha awesome man. Love the spelling of "toumb". Keep on writing and...being Andy. Yeah.

The Misunderstood Hell on Earth

If I wrote something like this, I would probably offend people. It's awesome that you were able to talk about our Hell On Earth with brutal honesty, but without going so far to offend the sons, daughters, and the teachers themselves to the point of possible lawsuit. If Steinbach read this, he couldn't do shit and he knows it. Good stuff, man, good stuff.


Yeah, I often hope I'm not mucking life up somehow...though it would be very me-ish to do. Because I screw things up sometimes...or a lot...or an insane amount...
Anyway, quite the good text, sir. I never knew you could write this well! Good stuff, man.


You are a:

to the I
to the P
to the space
to the S
to the H
to the I
to the T.

This text fails...at being a text.

Write something better next time, Phil!


Oh man, I love dumplings. I've had them at like, every place in town. Very good stuff.
By the way, your poetry doesn't suck, far from it. You're a master at incorporating your own feeling of satire into your poems. That gives them an extra flair that is lacking in most poems.
Just a thought...

This dream I had... (7-4-06)

Ah yeah. I rememeber you told me this a while back. Damn that Mrs. Mader...so...weirrrrd...
Very good analysis of possibly the most nonsensical dream ever.