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34 years old from Sweden

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wow hello, you just made my body shiver, and the "thing" is still going,.. and though I have some reggae music on I know that it's your words that are doing this to me, thank you so much for shareing, say hi to your girlfriend

Love You Night And Morning

Strike, this one is going straight into my bookmarks.. This one makes you wanna stand up and applaud until your dear hands turn red :), brilliant write her :)

Won't give up, Won't break down!

tänka sig att dem kommenterar mer här än på poeter, underbar text :), Vanderful vone :P

Can't fight this feeling any longer

Love it, Welcome to bay! :)

Last Breath

Lovely rimes, add on a bit of reggae composes and then you'll be rich :), A wonderful poem :)

With All The Passion That Is In Me by M.A.Meddings

I don't wanna be any worse than the 7 people before that has commented this one, really it is raw passion, thank you for sharing :)

My Friend by M.A.Meddings

WWOOOOOWWW, you got me at no - A masterpiece that doesn't really need a good comment :), this one goes right into my bookmarks...

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

You really make me cry, when you make me think of all the bad things around this planet... and I sure hope it wont last for too long :), thanks for this one


Yes, what else is a girls best friend, if it isn't the diamond? :) Can you make me a neckless too? Lovely poem


I love this one... except, I don't know what to say :(.. Love this one

Wallowing in self-pity

So lovely, always wanted to ride doves. It's heartbreaking feeling that love is a cheater. By the look on our love, it seems she is our enemy..
Going around and stealing people's heart everyday, Oh how it hurts.. thank you for this lovely poem