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33 years old from India

Preview of my book

Too many colloquil terms for you?

Frued n Floyd

Written 2009-02-01

Animalism! It’s true!

Animals have no reason!

Ha! Gull Moment!


Animalogy is a snigglet apparently

And Weasel words don’t work on you

Avon is your backside

Modicare kickarse?


Na! again cold day in the sun

Feels like the red hot has already won


One tree hill!

No, lets do the things we normally do

And even though Dido reminds me of Goan Metro

I am not ashamed of that pre-graffiti sketch in my room


Thanks for the preview CD

It helped the hangover

And though a sleptover

I have my high

Sorry! Goodbye!


Leave behind Foo

There’s too much cheese on you

Leave behind ice, not enough watermelon


I know you’ve always been out of your head

And I wonder

Will I eat Chvanprash tonight?


Yes, I’m plagerizing Foo Fighters

You have a problem with that?

Jihaadi will kick your ass

No problem Media is next


Ram sir said no thank you

Fine! I wont read his column tonight!


Ah there’s my prose

A plan you propose


Yes my dear lets get rid of rose

But what about Phoenix

My ever changing pose


Only because I explain you understand

I’ll take you in School van

Context is on top

Prelude in one shot


Then after de-italising

Chapter 1

Now formlessly it procedes

VW is in her room tonight

NLS hear I come


‘Come down and waste away with me’

No concert tonight!

KK’s ‘rock’ing time to Disco

I don’t need Rum to make this fisslo!

Hindi me bath kar

Same same lang par


‘If anything could ever feel this real forever’

It could, it would, it needn’t!


Yeah the Guitar guys do their Haze

I love Purple so chumma I went crazy!


He he…bloody bevdi!

Charundi cleaners will come tomo

Where you go?

9.30 ampointment with Sister ji

Now I will rest my convent educated head

‘Foo analysis is complete’, it said.


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I'd like to think I'm strong enough for a new relationship...

Ross love I

Written 2009-01-03

I can breathe this

I know this too well

‘Stranger things have happened I know’

But you are the strangest, in this peculiar way ur the best thing that has happened to me

Cos now I can get over my need to ‘fix you’

I can get over my need to be you

I can just love you as u

And if you would love me as me…..

And if we weren’t afraid to show our flaws..

Fuck! That’s sexy!

It is…or we’re just two horney schoolboys in the wrong bodies…

Everything that comes outta his head is sex

In a strange way I don’t need to imagine holding his hand

Or hugging him

I just need to know what’s beyond

Cos neither of us are…well…we’re from homogenous schools

And trust me that makes a diff

He knows he can..he knows he must

He cares in more than just…

I love I love

I’m afraid to know more

Cos I don’t wanna hate a hair on his head

I would tell him to grow it

And not dig his nose

And not…

But he wouldn’t listen

And that would be the awesome part

Cos I don’t fall for ppl who would change for me

No! not any more

I’m over the jerks

I’m over the sad sacks

I like the strong in himself

And don’t give a fuck types

And he is slowly becoming my type

And im not in love in this scary way in which I feel im losing myself to him

Or giving away too much

Cos I know he would take only as much as he needed

I wanna become his arm candy

Not only his gtalk queen

So I’d change for him

Not who I am

Just how I am

And how much I know him

Cos really I just wanna take a trip inside his head

And smt tells me I’ll find me there 

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