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Zoey Jane

34 years old from India

One Woman's Breakup is another Woman's Hookup

Written 2010-07-06

The day your best friend hooks up isn't exactly the best day of your life.
You look at them and you realise you have nothing like that...not even close...
Your boyfriend doesn't call you 'baby' anymore and he never ever believed in PDA.
It kinda makes you wanna end it...cos you realise you're letting it slip away..
Sigh..yes, no matter how hard you try, you can't help comparing.
And that's why when ppl say 'I'm happy for you' never ever believe them.
That's just a line they say cos they can't say 'I'm fucking Jealous, you bitch! That should have happened to me and not you!'
Looking at the people around me and thinking how lucky they are to have something real. In a world where all is elusive/illusive, it's really shiney to find something real. It glows through for all to see. And somehow it makes the illusions more prominent. I hate the way her reality makes my illusion shimmer/simmer...I hate the way I know it's a fading illusion and I sometimes wish I would just play along. But for the life of me and my years I know too well, only too well, the difference between the shine and the shimmer.

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