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53 years old from England

Frienship is not about people who act true to your face...its about the people who remain true behind your back.


Written 2011-07-18

I have friends who sing songs
They relieve some of my stress
so drink to this cup of happiness
And let us not forget
Songs of Happiness
We hear without regret

I have friends Who have
The Must have moments to have
They never Worry or shout
And let us not forget
Moments of Love
We should never be without

I have Friends who live Free
In peace, just like me
It's how it should be
And let us not forget
All the things we may need
And all we wish to see.

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somtimes i just write anytthing,whatever is on my mind,,but i suppose thats what it's all about ..is'nt it??

a sad blurp of my mouth.

Written 2009-06-16

I feel self absorbed sometimes, in life and work, you can't imagine really how much life stinks and how much you want it to all be over, you look into the world and see the religious hate the wars the racist abuse thrown at other human life and you think to yourself.. Why?

People say your black your yellow your white, but what everybody should realize there is only one race on this planet we call earth, that's the human race.

Life and it's wonders offer us so much and all we want to do is take it, kill it and make other peoples life a misery, and when the time comes, when those people, those Hippocrates, those criminals we call our world leaders decide to push those buttons to protect us and give us freedom , there will be none of us left to enjoy life any longer, to be an artist a poet an entertainer.

So it matters not a jot what ethnic group or origin of land you belong, enjoy it while it lasts for in this world we live and play today, for tomorrow you may not see the sun!!

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