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34 years old from Sweden

Feel the love.

Written 2006-09-11

I'm in love with this guy. He's much older than me, has a girlfriend and is wierd.
We made out once. At the time I didn't really care. I mean he only did it because his girlfriend wouldn't sleep with him. He wasn't sexually satisfied.

He's actually real nice. Grown up. I like grown up guys. I like men.

No, no. I'm not that kind of girl who enjoy making out with ten year older guys. I don't have sex with ten different guys each week.

I'm not promiscuous. At all.

I'm in love, even though I don't no what love is. Is that wierd? Am I wierd? I really like him, he makes me shiver each time i speak to him. He makes me wanna write poems about...


I can still feel the grass against my cheek. His hand under my t-shirt.

What's the difference between love and sexual lust?


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