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My name is Louise... Lou to my friends! ;-) I am a happily married, mother of two beautiful sons aged 10 & 8.

I work as a teaching assistant in a junior school. I enjoy reading & writing poetry. I also love spending time with my family and trying to provide happy childhood memories for our kids. I am a Christian. I enjoy the simple things in life & I love nature & the countryside. I like stuff to do with the past & enjoy visiting historical places. Oh, & my absolute favourite place to be is... home! :-)

I dislike shopping, bustle, stress, appointments & time keeping, the rat race, snobbery, materialism, excessive vanity, racism, busy bodies, one-upmanship, excessive tidiness, narrow mindedness, bigotry, confrontation, violence, ignorance, door to door/ telephone sales... to name but a few! :-)

Writing friends


52 years old from England

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"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."