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Diane Anjoue currently resides in a small suburb of Chicago, Illinois with her husband and three sons. She writes poetry, short stories and is considering writing a novel in the future under the title "A Class of A Sin". A sampling of her poetry has appeared in The Panhandler Quarterly and as a part of the poetry anthology, Sometimes We Dream, produced through Lulu.com to benefit the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

"Aria Of Endearment" and "Guiding Star" were published in this spring's premier issue of The Panhandler Quarterly out of Houston, TX. "Bel Hevi" and "Carried Away" were published in the summer issue of The Panhandler Quarterly, which was released on July 27, 2005.

"I Am Renewed" and "Raison d' Etre" were published in Sometimes We Dream, a poetry anthology through Lulu.com.

"Rou" and "Lost Within" have been chosen to be published in the upcoming book release entitled "Eyes of the Poet" edited by Brian Douthit and D P Robertson.

Diane is co-owner of the website, www.poetrycache.com. Poetry Cache is a, "Serious resource for serious poets", that provides services such as proofreading, editing, and marketing.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Poetry Collection de Jolie-Laide has just been completed and published! It can be found at http://www.lulu.com/DianeAnjoue .


Disclaimer: This is not a "vanity" project. Not all work submitted to this project will be accepted. This is a "fundraiser" so that ChicagoPoetry.com can continue functioning and so that we can expose the world to new and exciting poets; like any other fundraiser, we are requesting "funds." Any poet not selected for this anthology will get a re"fund." This is going to be the coolest book of new voices ever published.

ChicagoPoetry.com is looking to expose the world to the new voices of American poetry. ChicagoPoetry.com Press is planning publication of an anthology of poetry, American Open Mike: The New American Voice. Publication date is scheduled for January of 2006. There will be an online version of this anthology published at ChicagoPoetry.com, as well as a limited hardcopy edition book that will be distributed to hundreds of poetry fans.

Open Call To Previously Unpublished Poets.

ChicagoPoetry.com is looking to showcase your work in this much-anticipated anthology of American poetry. Your work will be read online by thousands of poetry fans when we publish the anthology in January of 2006. You will also receive two copies of this anthology with your work included in a limited hardcopy edition. The hardcopy edition will also be distributed to media sources as well as hundreds of poetry fans.

In Order To Qualify

In order to qualify to have your work included in this groundbreaking project, the following conditions must apply.

--Your poetry is in the English language.

--You have not published a major collection of your own work through a major publisher. If you have self-published your own work with limited distribution, that is okay.

--Your work has not yet appeared in any major print publications (magazines, journals, anthologies); publication in online websites, small zines, and school journals with limited distribution are okay.

--You have a strong desire to get your work published and want your work seen by thousands of people.

--You have not been published by ChicagoPoetry.com Press before, nor have you appeared in any ChicagoPoetry.com sponsored events. This anthology is limited to new voices only.

--You agree to allow ChicagoPoetry.com to publish your work at its website in an online version of American Open Mike and you are aware that your poetry will be read by thousands of people. You also agree to allow ChicagoPoetry.com Press to publish your work in a limited hardcopy edition that will be distributed to media sources and to hundreds of poetry fans.

--You believe in your own work and believe that you deserve to be published.

If you believe all the conditions above apply to you, let's get started.

How To Get Published... go to


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48 years old from Syria

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