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My name is Alla Antares (pen-name). I was born in Russia in 1978, March, 30. I have been living in the town of Saratov for the whole of my life. In 2000 I graduated from the Saratov State University where I had studied the English language. Then I tought English at the same University at the Pedagogical Department. In 2002 I began to work at the Saratov State Technical University at the Linguistic Scientific Centre. I write poetry, also I write a book, a novel and I hope to publish it in the English language. I have a son, he is 4. As for my hobby, it may comprise history, literature, the Italian and German languagies.
Let me present my poems. They are devoted to different aspects of human life, mainly to feelings and emotions of people, to human friendship and love. All the feelings can change in the process of life and usually they become more dramatical. The situations, life and feelings expressed in my poetry are taken from life experience and observation. You may agree with my point of view, you may not, but I'm very thankful that you have given your time to read my poetry. Also I must admit that the thoughts and ideas expressed in my poetry often do not have anything in common with my own life.
With respect, Alla Antares.

Alla Antares

43 years old from Russia

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