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I was born one dark and cold morning in February 1953 6 am , it's was the 26th. A Thursday child was I. Reluctantly I was dragged out , I have the mark of the battle under my left eye. Well I was warm , comfy wear I had been for nine months I'd have been happy to stay where I was. My love of words, was installed in me by my father. But with my having dyslexia, tho not asestment , it was years before I was. So fore years I had a problem , but I did not know for defenet that I had dyslexia , it was self diagnosed. Well I have
covered in my poem '' I Am The Dyslexic Poet''. I paid for my own assessment , as no part of the establishment would. Now it's too late to realise the dreams , the hopes of an academic life. Such dreams and hopes died a life time a go,

After what was an age , I finally learnt how to read . I found I had some talent with words , well I fell in love with words . An on going love affair with words. I can but hope that my word's will be of some interest to those who read my work.

Ken D Williams

ken d williams

68 years old from UK


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