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Isn't the legacy of a man's life,
Measured by the lives he touched other than his wife?
Isn't it how much he was loved by many before his departure?
Shouldn't it be how much attention he did capture?

At my words take a glance:
It is success and not legacy
That yields fulfillment.
But oh legacy! - I lament.

Legacy is a child of spectators' eyes.
But fulfillment - is your own daughter through the years.
Depression is a result of where you put your mind.
So I command myself to myself to be kind.

In reflection to failure to meet his own expectations,
A depressed man digs his own grave.
In full view of spectators,
He ceases to be brave.

In this regard, 'tis foolish to dream bigger
Than you can bring to reality.
Small deeds done are better than huge plans that linger.
These are my words of truth and purity.

Just a point of correction:
I'm not advocating for small plans.
But mastering the mind - is the collection
Of these few words in my hands.

Date: 28/05/1999


I have no quarrel with dreaming big. The issue here is whether it's better to dream big regardless of meeting your own expectations than to make meaningful projections of yourself. Dreams are dreams but what is important is to fulfill them. Ofcorse the bigger the better. I too dream big though I know that the human desire is a bottomless pit. Thus I reflect more of what I think of myself than what others think of me. I do not permit others people's eyes to dictate my happiness. I don't care much what they will think of me after I mount my wings. By no means I'm I diluting the fact that man is a slave of other people's consciences. Hey I want to be remembered as one happy boy! No sadness! No depression!Only peace, joy and love packed in my portion of history. I live to please my self first and others later and hence I'm balance.

By Potpher C. Mbulo

Potpher C. Mbulo

50 years old from Syria