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My name is Brendan, and I was born and raised in Ireland under quite difficult circumstances leaving there at age 14 ''I ran away'' not to escape but in search of adventure I suppose. I traveled the world, at least a good deal of it, leading a somewhat turbulent life , at around age thirty I became a Buddhist and though lapsed I feel on reflection it was right for me at the time for it gave me some solace. I never went to school learning to read and write to a fashion at age twenty six, and that through the kindness of a friend. For a very long time the only book I possessed was the collected works of John Masefield, mostly poems of seafaring tales, poetry is a form of expression I am comfortable with, I know nothing of free verse but have an open mind, much of what I write comes from life experiences or and as I'm sure like most from somewhere within. I have had two poems published and though some I know would say ''only two'' for me thats a quantum leap and so I'm happy with that, I know I have much to learn, hopefully I can find a home here, Brendan.
ps Slowhand refers to my lack of typing and spelling skills, I could write nothing without the aid of spellcheck.

Writing friends

Brendan Finbarr Tully

21 years old from UK

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