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Farag M. Afify (Ben Azouz), March 1950, Male, Egyptian. Member of Abyat Poetry and Poets Forum, and KRCA, Kuwait. Poets and Songs Writers, Al-Sawy Culture Wheel, Egyptian Youth Hostels, and Egypt-India Friendship Association, Egypt. International Society of Poets, International Library of Poetry, World Society of Poets, International Society of Photographers, USA. Noble House, UK.

I wrote my first English Poem on 1997, published my first English Poem at Kuwaiti Newspaper on 2000, and Received my first USA Award on 2005.

I visited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Republic of Syria, and Republic of India.

I like Arabic and English Poetry, Traveling, Photography, A. R. Rahman Music.

I'm here to share my poems and to read your poetry. Please feel free to write your comments, advices.

Thank you,



71 years old from Egypt