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Been writing since I began a diary at age 14, the summer of 1963. I record those detailed diaries now, on CDs, USBs and hard drives. I've reached 1978 so far, with 93 CDs.

I have written 12 fat poetry collections since 2016, when I retired from my work as a crime investigator. Most of my poems are composed in Swedish, but a few hundred are written in English.

But I'm occupied most of the time with composing, mostly textsound compositions, sound poetry, electronic music etcetera, and many things hard to brand, no need to brand.
Apart from that, I take care of Anna's horses when she's at work, and I exercise a LOT, on skis, bikes (mountainbikes, racing bikes, touring bikes), roller skis and more.

I live mostly with Anna on her farm way up north in Sweden, but keep a retreat apartment south of Stockholm as well.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-782001904-315487351

Bandcamp: https://ingvarloconordin.bandcamp.com/


Writing friends
Anna Banasiak

Ingvar Loco Nordin

74 years old from Sweden

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