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Ingvar Loco Nordin

73 years old from Sweden

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There Is No Consolation

Ah, like the black holes opening up to other universes? I think we make it too complicated. What we can see about how the cosmos works - the parts we CAN determine - is that the very simple makes up the very complicated. I can recommend a book (although that should never be done, since it's the best way to make sure the person never reads that book!) by David Deutsch called The Beginning of Infinity, where he scrutinizes the explanations usually given for all kinds of things.
Another book that really opened my mind to a possible origin of religion as such is The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Looking for the origin of consciousness and self awareness, Zoltan Torey does a fantastic job in The Crucible of Consciousness. However, when one realizes that our brains are just places in space, utilized by matter to try and understand itself, maybe one leaves all those hard liner convictions at the door... Louis Cozolino, at the outset of his book The Neuroscience of Human Relationships, quotes John Lilly: "The miracle is that the universe created a part of itself to study the rest of it, and that part, in studying itself, finds the rest of the universe in its own inner realities"

innit your day?

The appearance of common occurrences blooming out of the watchful eye and mind of the poet is dearly appreciated! Nothing is of uninterest! All things are wormholes into mysterious universes!

A February Day

Strong, simple poem!

Myself, I'm convinced we have to approach this and other atrocities as biological phenomena. We ARE nature, down to the last warhead. It's in us, we are it. How else could it be? There are no REASONS for so many wars. The Vietnam war, the Iraqi wars, the Russian war in the Ukraine. No reason. It's biology at work. Our reflective conscience is but a side-effect in all this biology. However, out steadfast opposition to atrocities is nature as well, never forget.

People often place themselves - in their involuntary thoughts - OUTSIDE of the world, or as living IN he world, when, in reality, WE ARE THE WORLD, Cosmos and all. ARE. WE. IT.

A woman of thirty

This places me right there, behind your eyes! Brilliant!


You really got me! (as The Kinks would'a said!) Love it!!!