Theme A little something for the weekend

I thought that might catch your attention ;-)

I guess the theme is about what we find important, what we value and how we value it.

Since this challenge is obviously so popular (wink ;-) I have extended it to a month for those who may have missed the opportunity to post :-)


60 years old

A frenzy to ignore.

A universal sigh
As the weekend arrives
Two days of freedom
I hear you all cry.

Two days of my time
Two days of yours
A frenzy of doing
We can choose to ignore.

It's our time you see
What is there to lose?
We can choose to fulfil it
Or we can choose to abuse.

Our health or our wealth
But lets us concur
That more time in our beds
Is the least we deserve.

But two days of your time
And two days of mine
More often less value
Than a sale price in dimes.

So  guilty as judged
So absurd, so absurd!
That two days of freedom
Is spent following the herd!

Poetry By Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 552 times
Written 2010-09-18 05:41

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Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I'm definitely going to abuse mine lol - I was reminded of a terrible chocolate advertisement that ended 'thank crunchy its friday!' Although for those of use who work the weekend lol - Good poem Rik I enjoyed and the challenge thought - I shall try

Elle x

Libyan Rose
I read it more than one time, leads me to think alot how we spend our time. do we really spend it for rest or sometimes we need time to rest from our selves and escape ?..or we just spend it without thinking of it?.
very creative idea you wrote about it
Thanks for share it us.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

Was not sure where this
was going until the end.

Love it


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