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1. A poets heart.
2. How do I write.
3. The treasure chest of time.
4. We are. Or What are we?
5. A love divine.
6. Energy.
7. A split second.
8. Alone but not lonely.
9. Growing in the light.
10. silent as spring rain.
11. Dreaming of warmth and higher places.
12. The head is empty, but full with essence.
13. Energie Field.
14. In between
15. The Silence heard.
16. Soft as music, to the heart.
17. Shine from the inside out.
18. The touch.
19. Time.
20. Beyond ego, Are you there?
Power of poetry.
Poetry by
Louise 55

Pearls of poetry (2) Is a book about love, light and beautiful energy. As I feel from the heart what I write in words. The poet in me is awake at the beginning and ending of each day and has to tell her story. Love is all and all is love. Louise.

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