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1. St Mary's mossops
2. Star Castle
3. Old Chuck's yarn
4. Tripping to Tresco
5. Voices of Valhalla
6. SS sonnet
7. Moonlight, Abbey Garden
8. Hangman's Island
9. Hell Bay
10. Samson story
11. Song of the Samson spirits
12. To Annet
13. Troytown
14. The Old Man of Gugh
15. Up the côte
16. At the Daymark; or, When Coo & Co met the Jumblies :>)
17. Homing Song
Somethin' Scilly
Poetry by
Coo & Co

Members of Coo & Co embark on a trip to the Isles of Scilly, in the company of the St Mary's Mossops :>)

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