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1. she still has her baby teeth
2. "a womanly strength"
3. when the harsh wind blows
4. hell's frozen over
5. fits like a glove
6. a pressed wildflower
7. they still see me
8. cold
9. crushed ice
10. working with silence
11. when can we rest?
12. consumed
13. nicotine haikus
14. not yet (haikus)
15. efforts always fruitless
16. the filth keeps me grounded
17. your body betrays you
18. palms caked in dried clay
19. trans resistance
Divine Breaks
Poetry by
aidan haskel

Another collection of poetry from me, no actual theme - just things I've written that I want to put together. Cover art is a digital work I did of the goddess Ishtar, inspired by a small statue I saw of her.

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